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We would like to inform you about our holiday.
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Shipping will take place up to and including 19.07.2016.
You can shop during holidays in the online shop.
However, the orders only from 11.08.2016 sequentially sent.
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For each new customer they have recruited and who has ordered and paid for with us, they scored on their next order 20% discount on their bill.
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The quality control for their discount takes one business day after the invoice payment of their referred customers.

Church-of-Monoatomic Gold

The production our Monoatomic Products is very complex; it takes a lot of time, the powder is made by the monks and alchemists of Burma.

The recipe goes back to alchemistic knowledge the result of which is an absolutely pure and effective product.

By multiple melting of the metals all harmful slags will be removed and absolute purity is guaranteed.

The raw mixture is stored for 12-18 years in special clay jugs.

These jugs are stored for one year under and one year above the ground, while every year fresh fruits are topped up.

The resulting alloy is cut and in a special oven with the “ Philosopher's Stone " heated together .

After that the product will be washed again and dried under the sunlight and fresh air.

Our advice

Organic Germanium GE 132: 99,999% Powder White (10 grams)

Organic Germanium GE 132: 99,999%...

31,99 EUR


54,99 EUR


21,99 EUR
Vitamin B 17 420 mg. Aktivanteil

Vitamin B 17 420 mg. Aktivanteil

24,99 EUR
ALTERNATIVE CANCER THERAPY (Set) Super Vitamin Viko 4 With Hawaii carbon (10 ml.), Vitamin B 17 420 mg. Active fraction (10 ml.), Germanium GE 132: Organic 450 mg. Elixir (10 ml.


59,99 EUR

Easy memberships to Church of...

19,90 EUR
ANM the miracle cure: American New Medicine (10 ml.)

ANM the miracle cure: American New...

19,99 EUR
Church-of Monoatomic-Seven-Eleven+ GE132 (10 grams)

Church-of Monoatomic-Seven-Eleven+...

26,99 EUR

Bronze Membership to Church of...

29,90 EUR
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